Friday, November 2, 2007


Anna Bullus’s Bubble Gum Bin is made from Gumnetic - a new biodegradable material that's made of sterilized chewing gum and bio resin. So more gum in the Gum Bins will make more Gum Bins!

From what I know, Singapore banned the sale of chewing gum because of how well gum sticks to concrete surfaces, like on the sidewalks, etc. It takes high-pressured washing to get them off, wasting water, time, money, and energy that can be directed elsewhere.

Throw your gum away properly OR to save you all that trouble, don't chew gum at all! I don't think gum does much for me... Get mints if you want to freshen your breath.

Anyway, Anna Bullus also made a cushion to go with it: Gunnetic Chewy Pad. Love the packaging.