Friday, December 21, 2007

Music Trends of 2007

The crew over at XLR8R compiled a list of music trends of 2007. The best list didn't do much for me, a few were true but weren't that funny. The worst list turns out better...

Here are a few:

Mp3 Blogs
It's a love/hate thing. Blogs do promotion for bands, but also for a lot of shitty music that gets the same attention. The blog is run by some 17-year-old kid who doesn't know anything about music and production, kids download the music in a crap quality months before the release, play it in the club (aaaahhh), and throw it away after a week. That really makes me start to think if the new generation appreciates music at all.
Boys Noize

One thing is that your fame pretty much came from the Internet too... So you're either saying your music's shit or you're kinda being obnoxious in saying that you're one of the better ones out of the bunch.

I think most kids do appreciate music. There's such a wealth of music out there that it's hard for bloggers to consistently refer back to older artists on a monthly basis. This blogging thing started out with the intent to share. This 'come fast, go fast" thing is just an unforeseen consequence, in my opinion.

Haha, here's the link to the Oxford American article that I said I would post before.

Every DJ with a laptop and an internet connection having the exact same playlist.
Mike Davis, Burlesque Design

Justice's D.A.N.C.E.?? Hot Chip's Over and Over??
Oh check out the Hood Internet, if you haven't already, they've got this Girl Talk thing going.

Club Rap
I can't think of anything worse than oversexed fashionista 20-somethings charging promoters $2000 just so they can get on stage and lip-synch to their little MySpace hit. I don't want to name any offenders because I might have to interview them next year.
Mosi Reeves, XLR8R writer

Yay High School Musical!!!

Banner and above info via XLR8R

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