Monday, October 29, 2007

All that Hype...

Remember that middle school paper that asked you to choose a perspective and argue for it? Do you remember a particular topic: Technology: A Blessing or a Curse?

The same can be asked of our age of Mp3 blogs, in a time when Information is widely available and easily accessible. Our minds are as promiscuous as can be. We want be in the forefront of the Hype wave, way before it hits the laypeople on the nearby shores. But like all waves, the Hype quickly recedes... so does our interest for the bands.

I think all this is made easier w/ sites like the Hype Machine and Cause they have these convenient features that immediately show you the hottest bands, hottest blogs, hottest songs... I think the thing about the Indie Circle is that the more unknown and obscure the bands you blog/know about are (given that they're good too), the more "cred" you're given (or you assume you have). So people are quickly turned off by these "Hot" bands and will go find something else. Then the cycle repeats again.

The intention of blogs, podcasts, and other "bottom-up" media is to give independent artists a chance to reach a wider audience. I'm just unsure whether we are doing a good job of this or not. We do write about them but we are also quick to move on.

What technology gives us is convenience. All that comes with it is easily retrievable and, sadly, easily disposable.

Entry inspired by:
Pretty Goes with Pretty - "Can't Talk; Hyping - Part 1 to 4"
*More related articles to come...

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